Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Litany: Creator, Created, Creative

Praise the Creator, the Originator, the Artist,
Who drafted the blueprints of the universe
with unencumbered imagination;

Who sculpted our globe into rough-hewn mountains and impressive canyons; Who carved hollows for waterways and planed the plains smooth;

Who etched texture upon a tree's trunk,
and embossed pattern upon its leaves;

Who painted the sunset backdrop with a sweeping wash of orange, and the sunrise scene with more delicate shades;

Who composed the soundtrack of nature, writing melodies for songbirds and accompaniments for bullfrogs;

Who molded humanity deftly and with care, shaping the intricacies
of body and mind, of personality and ability;

Who molded humanity after a particular model;

Who molded humanity in the Creator's own image.

Praise the Creator, the Originator, the Artist,
Who wove the very threads of Godself into our DNA;

Who embroidered God's own initials upon our souls.

We are the signed originals, the artwork of the Creator, created to be creative.

We are among the Artist's masterpieces, created to be creative.

Praise the Creator. Praise the Originator.

Praise the Artist. Praise God. Amen.