Thursday, May 1, 2008

An Ordinary Thursday Statement of Faith

I place my faith in the One Who creates me; Who has always known the pattern of my heartbeat, the swirl of my fingerprint and the color of my personality; Who seeds me with abilities and talents and a full measure of potential; Who grants me freedom of will to choose my path, but Who also desires to see me choose well.

I place my faith in the One Who loves me beyond the limits of life; Who teaches and demonstrates truth through story and action as captured in the Gospels; Who saves me again and again by forgiving me for the self-centeredness I perpetuate.

I place my faith in the One Who surrounds me and fills me with inspiration; Who is present and available in each moment; Who brings forth comforting assurance as well as powerful advocacy on my behalf.

This faith is personal and precious, yet it is strengthened when I realize that I do not hold it alone, but that I hold it in common with all who have been blessed to be in relationship with God. Amen.

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