Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Call to Worship--Call to Love

Love is what draws us here.

Our desire to be loved entices us.
Brother-Sister love invites us.
God’s creative love unites us.

Love is what fills us here.

A handshake or embrace warms us.
Holy conversation informs us.
Christ’s grace reforms us.

Love is what encourages us here.

A compassionate tale stirs us.
A need made known prompts us.
God’s pervasive Spirit inspires us.

Let us practice such love with hearts open to God and God’s possibilities.

Let our worship be a wondrous act of love!


Tim said...

Beautiful; will gladly give you and your website attribution in our worship bulletin as I share this on July 19 at Kessler Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, TX. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

Just Kel said...

This is perfect for this coming Valentine's Day. I'm using for my church's bulletin as well. God Bless You!

Emily VanLaeys said...

Just looking for a Call to Worship that focuses on love and found this to use on Sunday. Thanks for your beautiful words!

Christie m-g said...

Thanks, Chris! I typed in "Call to worship about love" and yours popped up! Cool!!!
-Christie m-g