Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Advent 4 Wreath Lighting: Rejoice

An audible gasp. The tingle of every nerve and the sudden rise of goose bumps. A noticeable blood pressure spike. Wouldn’t these be part of Mary’s experience in learning that she was to be the God-bearer—the one to deliver and nurture the Christ?

A swoon? A faint? Who would blame her if she passed out cold?

What thoughts must have rushed through her mind? Pregnant? Me? Now? How?

Improbable! Impossible! Ridiculous!

And yet the honor of being chosen--the honor of being handpicked by God to fulfill a most brilliant plan—caused Mary to blurt out a surprising response.

I am blessed! I am privileged! I will celebrate!

We pray:

We light a candle reminding ourselves that there is always a reason to rejoice because You are always good! Give us hearts as pliable as Mary’s to find the blessings in every circumstance. Amen.

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